Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Katy Perry bares all as Lisa Nova asks your top questions

“Did you really kiss a girl?” “Do you ever laugh at the parody videos making fun of you?” “Are you and Russell planning on having kids?” The call was to ask Katy Perry anything you wanted, and you responded with a record-breaking 20,500 text and video questions submitted to Katy’s channel via the Moderator tool. Over 401,600 votes were cast, and YouTube’s own Lisa Novaposed the most popular questions to Perry, who was wearing a Latex getup only she could pull off:

Along with this exclusive 30-minute interview, which is highlighted on our homepage today, you might also want to check out her hit single “California Gurls” and a special behind-the-scenes peek from Lisa Nova, of what ultimately turned out to be a relaxed chat between girls.

Want to kick start your own discussion? Join Katy Perry (link), President Obama and others by adding Moderator to your channel page.

Michele Flannery, Music Manager, recently watched “Minnesota Gurls.”

Thursday, 22 July 2010

electionWIRE on YouTube! Report the election your way!

It’s Election Time! The airwaves are buzzing with politics. Who will win? What do the parties and candidates represent? Who cares?

Today Vibewire Youth Media opened electionWIRE on YouTube -- your channel to report the news of the Australian federal election 2010 your way. Meet the Vibewire Youthscape reporters -- new recruits who are stationed across Australia, out on the streets, armed with cameras, guided by your questions and ideas, and supported by a senior editorial team. You can suggest and submit stories and vote on ideas via the Google Moderator tool. With your help, these reporters will uncover the untold stories on this year’s election trail.

electionWIRE is calling on citizen contributions from the YouTube community. All you need is a camera and an Internet connection to make your voice heard. Here are some training videos for budding reporters, and assistance offered to young Australians wanting to get involved from the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and Left-Right Think Tank.

Report it your way. electionWIRE 2010 - Submit Now youtube.com/electionwire

Posted by Karen Stocks, Head of YouTube, Australia just watched Life in a Day

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guest post: Fully Sick Rapper's Life in a Day

(Editor's note: The is a guest post by The Fully Sick Rapper about his involvement in YouTube's special Life in a Day project, announced today).

Life in a Day is a unique collaboration between YouTube, Hollywood (director Kevin Macdonald, producer Ridley Scott) and the YouTube community, to create a documentary that will capture one day in the life of thousands around the world - July 24, 2010.

After being asked to help out, I have submitted a video to help promote the launch of this global collaboration, by capturing one day in my own life, and showing YouTube users an example of the kind of thing that they might like to submit.

I suppose my experience as a YouTube user is a unique one, so I tried to capture that with this particular video. For the first six months of this year, I have been living within an isolated negative pressure room in a Sydney Hospital, and have been using social media to stay connected to the world. A large part of this has been through YouTube, as The Fully Sick Rapper. This started as a way to give a few mates a laugh, and keep myself busy, but it fast became a way for me to keep myself distracted from the health issues I have been facing, share my experience with the world, bounce positive energy off people going through similar circumstances, and escape the four walls of my quarantined room. Over the six months I spent in hospital, I posted about 12 videos that racked up around 1.5million views on YouTube alone.

My videos before this one have all been comedic, and have been made just as much for my own laughs, as for the laughs of viewers. However, this particular project made me think about what it would be like to show people what a real day in my life involves. Yes, I have fun, and I dress up funny, and try to make myself and others laugh, but that wears off very quickly, and in the times when I'm not dancing around in front of the camera, there is a lot of very quiet, very lonely, me time. I believe that I used this time as best I could for self-reflection and personal development, and I feel as if I have come out the other side of this time in hospital having grown a lot as a man, but it hasn't been easy, and there has been times throughout my stay that I have looked at myself in the mirror and thought that I couldn't handle it any more.

This video captures my 180th day in quarantine, and is set to a poem and a piece of backing music that I wrote and recorded, from within my isolated hospital room. At the stage I made this, I had no clear picture of when I might be going home, and in fact it was only three days later that I was told the wonderful news that I could return home and spend a couple of weeks in isolation within the comfort of my own home, before being able to return to the community.

I have had some awesome support from YouTube viewers, and I plan to continue making videos to share online. In my time in hospital, I have also been working hard on a web-series called the "Fully Sick and the Side Effect Project" with my brother, which we plan to launch on YouTube soon.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Follow le Tour with SBS and YouTube

Editors note: cross posted from the Google Australia Blog
The peloton is off! As a keen amateur cyclist, the 21 days of the Tour de France is one of my favourite sporting events - brilliance, agony, and drama every year. I’ll be watching the HTC team especially closely - my new bike is the same as that team rides.

There’s a difference in how I’ll follow the race this year - SBS have set up a dedicated Tour de France YouTube channel. It features specially produced content which shows the guts and glory of the champions, the best finishes, profiles of past winners, videos about our very own Cadel Evans and Stuart O’Grady, and of course, highlights so you can catch up with this year’s race if you miss the nightly coverage on SBS.

Go the Aussie riders, and check out SBS’s new channel for another perspective on the Tour.