Friday, 19 August 2011

Get your boat shoes, because America’s Cup is live streaming on YouTube

This is a cross-post from the YouTube blog.

Through its 160 years of competition, the America's Cup has helped develop the sport of Cup racing and even brought attention to taking better care of our oceans.

Now, you'll have an opportunity to experience the sport in a whole new way as this year's America's Cup World Series is being live streamed on YouTube at the America's Cup channel. With on board cameras and microphones in HD quality, you can see and hear the crews live as they attempt difficult maneuvers and battle for nautical supremacy.

If you miss any of the live action, you can also see recorded footage of the day’s action on the America’s Cup YouTube channel.

We invite you to get on board and see sailing in a way you've never seen it before, on the wide open seas of YouTube.

Seth Frank, YouTube Strategic Partner Development Manager, recently watched “Flying on the Water"

Your personalised guide to music on YouTube

YouTube has videos across the entire spectrum of music, from current pop hits to classic tracks to obscure but wonderful sounds (double rainbow, anyone?).

But how can you stay in touch with what’s hot on YouTube right now? To help, we’re re-launching our YouTube music page with new features to help guide you, and some help from a few guest curators to start.

On you can now find:
  • recommended videos and artists based on the music videos you’re watching
  • local concert listings in your area paired with artist videos
  • the YouTube Top 100 - your invaluable source to the most popular music based on what the community is viewing
Finally, you may have noticed the electric guitar adorning the YouTube logo. It’s there today to celebrate the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Guide to Rock, who have the first hand-picked playlist on the new music page.

Over the next five days some of your favorite music stars will be sharing their personal favorites, including Australia’s very own Gotye, whose new album is already hitting the top of the charts. You’ll also hear Lady Gaga’s Guide to Pop, and Eminem’s Guide to Hiphop.

Look out for a new music-based YouTube logo each day, and clicking on it will bring you straight to the music page.

Happy listening.

Posted by Sophie Hirst, YouTube Music recently watched “An Introduction to the YouTube music page.”

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sailing ships with the Sydney Opera House

This is a cross-post from the YouTube blog.

YouTube and the Sydney Opera House developed a relationship during the YouTube Symphony Orchestra from our shared love of music, and we continue to look at ways to bring new music experiences to you. Victoria Doidge, Director Marketing and Communications at the Sydney Opera House, is our guest blogger today to discuss their recent project.

Last year we set out to create a piece of content that would celebrate Sydney Opera House’s place in the global cultural community—one of the busiest performing arts centre in the world with 8.2 million visitors a year. Even from the inception of The House, master architect Jorn Utzon was committed to pushing boundaries, and as an example they had to invent a new crane to build his model.

So to create something in The House’s name, we sought to democratise the artists and the spirit of The House to as broad an audience as possible. This notion of accessibility and democratising the content, like our partnership with Google on the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011, was critical to how we would measure success and why we chose to release the clip on YouTube.

We started with a song, Nick Cave’s The Ship Song, considered by many to be one of Australia’s truly great ballads. When we approached artists to volunteer to perform, we found hundreds who were excited to join: Neil Finn, Paul Kelly, Angus and Julia Stone, Martha Wainwright and Daniel Johns, to name a few. To bring it all together, we had these artists perform and accompanied by a full orchestra and opera choir.

For the final result director Paul Goldman created a voyeuristic journey through the venues, rehearsal rooms and back stages of the House. Paul has a unique skill for capturing the personal nuances of the many artists in this clip, and Elliot Wheeler complemented the video with a powerful soundtrack.

We’ve heard positive feedback from Australians at home and all over the world, telling us that it’s brought out pride and even tears. We’re thankful to be able to share this with you, and think our beloved Utzon would be pleased.

Victoria Doidge, Director Marketing and Communications at the Sydney Opera House, recently watched “The Ship Song Project - Making Of.”

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My experience at Vidcon

This is a guest post by YouTube Partner “TwistedTim01” who recently attended Vidcon 2011 in Los Angeles.

After seeing my favourite Youtubers attend Vidcon last year, I thought “Attending Vidcon would be a dream. I will make this happen.” I was able to fully fund the trip from Tasmania to Los Angeles as a two week trip after months of saving. Earlier in the year I also noticed Alen from ChampChong write on Twitter that he planned on attending, so I organised to travel with him.

While staying in Hollywood for a week, Alen and I met with brilliant content creators such as Daneboe of Annoying Orange, Bobjenz, Kevin Brueck, Greg Benson, Funnyz, KeepTHEheat, and DavidUngerMusic, with whom I organised a collaborative music video cover / parody.

When I got to Vidcon, I found it extremely informative. It was super entertaining to watch all of the amazingly talented creators perform, talk, and interact. I was also lucky enough to perform a few songs on stage and do a live music show for, where I could interact with viewers watching the Vidcon stream.

Here’s a summary of some things I learned from Vidcon:

1. Networking among the YouTube community is key
YouTube is both a media site and a social network, so of course networking plays a large role. It’s the best feeling to work together to create great content, share tips with one another, and make friends with people who love doing what you do. There’s always a way to contact other creators to network, collaborate, and get opinions about your work — just stay persistent. Nothing happens overnight.

2. Trying to get exposure? Stop trying so hard!
The more popular YouTubers are people with a hobby and lots of talent — just like a football player, musician, or skateboarder! If you have talent and you’re working hard on your videos, eventually people will catch on and follow your work.

3. Have fun
If you’re having fun while creating content, then who cares if you’re not getting the views you want? Just open up, have fun, and show your personality. It’s what people like.

Vidcon was amazing, I made so many new friends, and learned a lot of great lessons. If you have any other questions upon my trip, feel free to comment them below or post them as a comment on my channel. I’ll do my best to get back to you!

Posted by Tim Whybrow, who recently watched Gym Class Heroes