Friday, 25 March 2011

YouTube Symphony Orchestra: Guest Post

Mathisha Panagoda, YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 cellist, of Sydney, shares his thoughts on the experience in this guest post:

Bringing the world together: We Australians did it in 2000 with the Olympics held right here in Sydney, but seldom before has the phenomenon of classical music been able to reach such a global audience, all hosted from our own backyard and live-streamed to the world online.

This past week I was often asked why I decided to audition for the YouTube Symphony seeing as it was to be held in my home town. I can honestly say I haven’t been more proud of where I live. After 24 years in Sydney, I can now finally say I’ve climbed the Harbour Bridge!

From over 30 countries, members of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 gather atop Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge.

Yes, I unashamedly patted a koala, came face to face with a kangaroo, and did just about every touristy thing Sydney has to offer. And I loved it. At the same time I met over 100 inspirational friends, musicians and mentors and had the awesome opportunity to show them my own town. It was a full-on week of intense rehearsals, concerts and activities, but we made time to explore the best of what Sydney has to offer, from The Rocks to Kings Cross, from the Harbour to Bondi. And of course, what better venue to play home to this group of musicians than Sydney Opera House. The YouTube Symphony Orchestra was also a great way to connect new audiences with my own orchestra here and my personal YouTube channel.

I only wish it could have lasted just a bit longer. One week hasn’t been long enough to get to know everyone as well as I would have liked, but I know we’ll all stay in touch the same way we met — over the Internet. I think we can walk away knowing that we made a lasting impression on the world and pulled off something really innovative and spectacular.

Mathisha Panagoda, cellist, YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011, recently watched Ascending Bird - Kseniya Simonova Sand Art


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